ACS Firearms Training teaches people how to be safe, responsible, and skilled with guns, from the total beginner to the seasoned shooter. Our mission is to arm our students with the proper knowledge and increase their skills through diligent practice in order to promote a disciplined culture of safety and a healthy respect for firearms. Thus, we aim to foster a solid foundation of gun habits to ensure that our students will safely and responsibly own, use, and carry firearms.

Serving the greater Metropolitan area, including Maryland and Virginia, our courses meet the legal requirements for obtaining concealed carry firearm permits for those jurisdictions which issue licenses to carry firearms. Whether you are an active security professional or just an average citizen, ACS Firearms Training can ensure that you are safe, responsible, and judicious when carrying a firearm.

By providing a comfortable educational environment and small classes, we ensure that each student is afforded a personalized learning experience. All students, from Basic to Advanced, learn about safety, technical details of firearms, and legal information as well as practical shooting at the range. Our friendly, certified, and knowledgeable instructors strictly adhere to best practices within the firearms education industry to promote safe and skillful gun ownership and operation. We work patiently with each student to make certain that they fully comprehend the knowledge necessary to be responsible and proficient with firearms. We also recognize and respect that everyone comes from a disparate firearms background, so we strive to adapt our curriculum to capitalize on the unique experiences of our students.

In sum, our motto, which is Latin for “Armed with Knowledge and Skilled through Discipline,” says it all. Thank you for visiting the site. Please register for a course here.